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We specialize in all American hand-made clay bowls with 100% food safe glazes. Our clay mix we use has been tediously tested to come up with the perfect reduction and release of heat, to properly bake your bowl.


We are the original producers of the Rook, Predator, Symphony, Apache, Square, and EGY Bowls, and now some new "lipped bowls" to fit the Kaloud Lotus and other Heat Management devices. 

Here at Alpaca Bowl Company, We listen closely to the requests and future needs of this amazing hookah community, and design accordingly. We are constantly revisiting our craft, pushing ourselves to always produce a better product.


The Alpaca Predator bowl is a 100% hand made phunnel bowl designed with a bridge over the spire. This keeps your foil from sagging down, leaving you with a consistent airflow throughout your smoking experience. 

Alpaca Suri bowl is a predator style bowl without the bridge.


A shallow version of our Alpaca Predator, the Symphony bowl conserves tobacco, and it provides a wider smoking surface. This bowl packs an amazingly rich flavor and smoke. It also has a bridge over the spire to avoid foil sagging.

 Alpaca Mini Rooks are some of the best for blond and dark leaf. They hold anywhere from 12 - 18 grams, they'll keep you happy and smoking for hours on end. Alpaca Bowls are made by hand in the USA, and perform like a dream. 


This unique phunnel bowl contains a raised center plate that features multiple air channels. The higher central spire allows your shisha juices to stay inside your bowl, because no one likes leaks in the stem or base.

The illuminati is an Alpaca Bowls exclusive. They decided to create the first ever triangular bowl. his is one of their "shallow" bowls, so it has a slightly larger hole to compensate for its width. 


he EGY Hookah bowls revolutionary design allows for the shisha juices to stay in your bowl there for enhancing the taste of your shisha and extending the life of your smoke. Bowl sizes may vary slightly, Some may be deep/wider then others. Holds an average of 20-35-grams of tobacco.

egybowl copy.png

First ever non-circular bowl, and it smokes amazing. This is one of our “shallow” bowls, so it has a slightly larger hole to compensate for its width.


The spire of the LeRook is identical to its predecessor (Rook), and allows for an ease in airflow with 4 even cutouts so you don't miss a drop of flavor. You can still reap the benefits of a phunnel bowl and enjoy a leak free session as this bowl keeps the juice in the bowl for a longer session. 

The Lipache is a badass bowl that was created to deliver one of the most unique smoking experiences around, with the airflow of a traditional egyptian but the packing style of a phunnel, this bowl performs amazingly with pretty much anything you put inside. 
Both bowls Lipped to fit your favorite HMD / Kaloud Products 

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